The Strange Case of the Disappearing US ROBOTICS WINMODEM Under WINDOWS 95

Anthony Olszewski

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A computer was brought into the shop with a USR WINMODEM installed. WINDOWS 95 was the operating system. Initially the customer indicated that the modem was just installed and failed to work. The WINMODEM was the second internal modem. WIN 95's MODEM INSTALL Wizard failed to recognize or accept the WINMODEM.

At this point, under grave interrogation, the owner admitted that the WINMODEM had been working under WINDOWS 3.1. The WINMODEM disappeared after the install of WINDOWS 95. Quite a different kettle of fish!

I went into the START button, then HELP, then CONTENTS, then TROUBLESHOOTING and then to HARDWARE MANAGER. The WINMODEM showed up, not as a modem, but hiding behind the "?" of OTHER DEVICES. Clicking on it elicited the proper WINDOWS 95 INSTALL Wizard for the WINMODEM.

For some reason or other, the Wizard stole the conventional internal modem's interrupt for the WINMODEM. But now, the WINMODEM was listed as under MODEMS in CONTROL PANEL and the interrupt situation was very easily remedied.