CPU Software Upgrades -- Fact or Fantasy?

Floating around various desolate and fleeting WaReZ Sites are a number of utility files that claim to dramatically improve CPU performance -- a sort of motherboard upgrade on a disk, or so the claims go.

I tested two of these programs, 486toPentium.zip and CPUBoost.zip, on a 486, 66 system. NO CHANGE was seen in the before and after scores in two different benchmark programs! Sad to relate, these don't seem to be the Charles Atlas bodybuilding course or steroids for your PC.

I did not notice any bad effects, either.

The programs are available for download below. No guaranty, waranty, or fitness for an particular purpose is expressed or implied. In fact, I would not use them myself!

Even if you are adventurous, only try these programs on an expendable test system.

486toPENTIUM.ZIP Supposed 486 Speed Boost Utility
CPUBOOST.ZIP Claims To "Juice Up" A Range of Processors
686FAST.ZIP"Hot Rod" Utility For a Number of 586, 686, and Texas Instrument 486 CPUs
MMX.ZIPMMX Enables MMX Challenged Pentiums