Error Codes with Q=5

501 No index or sector
502 Seek incomplete
503 Write fault
504 Drive not ready
505 Drive not selected
506 No track zero found
507 Multiple drives selected
508 Logical unit communications failure
509 Head positioning error (track following error)
510 CRC or ECC error in ID field
511 Unrecoverable read error
512 No address mark (ID field)
513 No address mark (data field)
514 Record not found
515Seek error
516 Data Synchronization error
517 Recoverable read (without ECC) error
518 ECC recovered read error
519 Defect list error
51A Parameter overrun
51B Synchronous transfer error
51C Primary defect list not found
51D Compare Error
520 Invalid command
521 Illegal logical block address (LBA)
522 Illegal function for device type
524 Illegal command block field
525 Illegal LUN
526 Illegal field in parameter list
528 Media changed
529 Power on or bus device reset occurred (not an error)
52A Mode select parameters changed (not an error)
531Medium format corrupted
532 Defect spare location unavailable
540 Device RAM failure
541Data path diagnostic failure
542 Power on diagnostic failure
543 Message rejected
544 Internal controller error
545 Device was unable to re-connect
547 Interface parity error
548 Initiator detected error
549 Illegal command or command out of sequence error
5F0 Format in progress (not an error)
5F1 Spin up in progress

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