I999 IML ERRORS (Model 90 & 95)

The 8590/95 systems maintain BIOS/ABIOS on the default fixed disk. If this information is missing or inaccessible during the IML (initial microcode load) of the fixed disk, the result will be an I999xxxx error displayed on the information panel and/or display. The system will be inoperative until the error condition is corrected.

Note: The default fixed disk is the drive configured as SCSI device ID=6, determined by the drive address switches or jumpers. Use "set configuration/view configuration" to verify the default drive SCSI ID.

Most I999xxxx errors can be corrected without hardware replacement. The following steps will correct most I999xxxx errors:

  1. Ensure that the selectable boot sequence is valid.
  2. Run diagnostics from the reference diskette.
  3. Restore the system partition.
  4. IML to fixed disk successful? Hardware is now functional and customer software should successfully load.
  5. Verify that operating system software is installed (DOS, OS/2, etc.) -the operating system must be installed on one of the devices in the startup sequence (normally fixed disk drive "c" which is SCSI ID=6).

The following error codes and corresponding recommended actions, may be encountered by customers and/or servicers.

The errors listed below may be corrected by restoring the system partition: Refer to step 3 above.

I999001x No valid disk IML record was found on the fixed disk.
I999002x Disk IML record load (read) error.
I999003x Disk IML record incompatible with planar.
I999004x Disk IML record incompatible with processor card.
I999005x Disk IML not attempted.
I999006x Disk stage ii image load (read) error.
I999007x Disk stage ii checksum (read) error.

The errors listed below can be corrected by restarting the system using a good system reference diskette:

I99900x1 Invalid diskette IML record
I99900x2 Diskette IML record load (read) error
I99900x3 Diskette IML record incompatible with planar.
I99900x4 Diskette IML record incompatible with processor card.
I99900x6 Diskette stage 2 image load (read) error.
I99900x7 Diskette stage 2 image checksum error.
I99900x5 Diskette IML recovery prevented (valid password and CE override jumper not set). action: Power-down, Toggle CE override on system planar (J10 on the 8590), (J16 on the 8595), Power-up.
I9990301 No bootable device. Action: restart using a good bootable operating system diskette.
I9990302 Invalid disk boot record. Action: restart using a good bootable operating system diskette (i.e., dos); install operating system on fixed disk.
I9990303 System partition boot failure. Action: using system backup reference diskette, restore system partition.
I9990304 No bootable device with ASCII console. Action: restart the system using bootable operating system diskette.

The following errors normally require processor FRU replacement:

I9990401 Unauthorized access.
I9990402 Missing ROM IBM copyright notice
I9990403 Non-IBM IML routine
I9990600 IML overlay logistics error
I9990607 IML overlay checksum error
I9990609 IML overlay id error

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