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PS2 FAQ - Appendix C

Archive-name: PS2-FAQ - Appendix C
Last-modified: 1996/02/20
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Version: 4.0
Author: Chris Feeny <Alkemyst>

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Appendix C .ADF Modification to run SB and Audiovation/A together.

[Note this is untested by FAQ author, also I would like the patch to keep
the joystick port on the Audiovation too so the reader can decide which he
would like to do.]

AdapterId 08FD6h

AdapterName "IBM Audiovation Adapter"

NumBytes 4

;To enable PS/1 MIDI mode change pos[0]=XX00X0XX to pos[0]=XX00XXXX and
;uncomment the lines related to MIDI at the end of this file

Begin NoDMA
NamedItem Prompt "I/O Address Selection"
choice "0400-041F 04F8-04FF" pos[3]=XX000001b io 0400h-041fh 04f8h-04ffh
choice "0800-081F 08F8-08FF" pos[3]=XX000010b io 0800h-081fh 08f8h-08ffh
choice "0C00-0C1F 0CF8-0CFF" pos[3]=XX000011b io 0c00h-0c1fh 0cf8h-0cffh
choice "1000-101F 10F8-10FF" pos[3]=XX000100b io 1000h-101fh 10f8h-10ffh
choice "1400-141F 14F8-14FF" pos[3]=XX000101b io 1400h-141fh 14f8h-14ffh
choice "1800-181F 18F8-18FF" pos[3]=XX000110b io 1800h-181fh 18f8h-18ffh
choice "1C00-1C1F 1CF8-1CFF" pos[3]=XX000111b io 1c00h-1c1fh 1cf8h-1cffh
choice "2000-201F 20F8-20FF" pos[3]=XX001000b io 2000h-201fh 20f8h-20ffh
choice "2400-241F 24F8-24FF" pos[3]=XX001001b io 2400h-241fh 24f8h-24ffh
choice "2800-281F 28F8-28FF" pos[3]=XX001010b io 2800h-281fh 28f8h-28ffh
choice "2C00-2C1F 2CF8-2CFF" pos[3]=XX001011b io 2c00h-2c1fh 2cf8h-2cffh
choice "3000-301F 30F8-30FF" pos[3]=XX001100b io 3000h-301fh 30f8h-30ffh
choice "3400-341F 34F8-34FF" pos[3]=XX001101b io 3400h-341fh 34f8h-34ffh
choice "3800-381F 38F8-38FF" pos[3]=XX001110b io 3800h-381fh 38f8h-38ffh
choice "3C00-3C1F 3CF8-3CFF" pos[3]=XX001111b io 3c00h-3c1fh 3cf8h-3cffh
choice "4000-401F 40F8-40FF" pos[3]=XX010000b io 4000h-401fh 40f8h-40ffh
choice "4400-441F 44F8-44FF" pos[3]=XX010001b io 4400h-441fh 44f8h-44ffh
choice "4800-481F 48F8-48FF" pos[3]=XX010010b io 4800h-481fh 48f8h-48ffh
choice "4C00-4C1F 4CF8-4CFF" pos[3]=XX010011b io 4c00h-4c1fh 4cf8h-4cffh

"This item enables the selection of I/O addresses that are used by the
adapter. Conflicting I/O addresses are marked with an asterisk and
should be changed. Use the F5=Previous and the F6=Next keys to change
conflicting addresses in the 'Change Configuration' window."

NamedItem Prompt "Arbitration Level"
choice "Level 8" pos[1]=XXXX1000b arb 08h
choice "Level 9" pos[1]=XXXX1001b arb 09h
choice "Level A" pos[1]=XXXX1010b arb 0ah
choice "Level B" pos[1]=XXXX1011b arb 0bh
choice "Level C" pos[1]=XXXX1100b arb 0ch
choice "Level D" pos[1]=XXXX1101b arb 0dh
choice "Level E" pos[1]=XXXX1110b arb 0eh
choice "Level 1" pos[1]=XXXX0001b arb 01h
choice "Level 3" pos[1]=XXXX0011b arb 03h
choice "Level 5" pos[1]=XXXX0101b arb 05h
choice "Level 6" pos[1]=XXXX0110b arb 06h
choice "Level 7" pos[1]=XXXX0111b arb 07h

"This item enables the selection of available MicroChannel Arbitration
levels. Conflicting levels are marked with an asterisk and should be
changed. Use the F5=Previous and the F6=Next keys to change conflicting
levels in the 'Change Configuration' window."

NamedItem Prompt "Fairness Enable/Disable"
choice "Disabled" pos[0]=0XXXXXXXb
choice "Enabled" pos[0]=1XXXXXXXb

"This item enables the MicroChannel Fairness feature to be enabled or
disabled. The recommended setting is disabled."

;To enable PS/1 MIDI mode - uncomment the following lines and re-configure
; NamedItem Prompt "MIDI Port Enable/Disable"
; choice "Enabled" pos[0]=XXXXX1XXb io 0330h-0335h int 7
; choice "Disabled" pos[0]=XXXXX0XXb
; Help
; "MIDI may be enabled or disabled by the user. If an MPU adapter is also
; installed in the same system using Primary addresses, set this item to
; 'Disabled' or use the Alternate addresses for the MPU."

NamedItem Prompt "DSP Interrupt Selection"
choice "Interrupt Level 15 decimal" pos[0]=XXXXXXXXb int 15

"The Digital Signal Processor Interrupt level is
set at 15. It cannot be configured."


email:Chris Feeny

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