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Last-modified: 1996/02/20
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Version: 4.0
Author: Chris Feeny <Alkemyst>

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Appendix A MCA Brand Cards and Parts

IBMPN Name/Description


74F3465 3270 LOCAL BOARD/A: IBM 3270 for 50,50Z,55SX,60,65SX,70 & 80. Half
sized. Replaces 53F6384/25F8448/74F3459/

69X6279 5250 LOCAL BD/A: IBM System 36/38, AS400 Workstation Emulator.
Half sized. Direct Twinax. Req. Software and

69X6287 5250 LOCAL KT/A: As above with Software and Cable.

6451114 ADPT MULTI PROTO/A: Multi-protocol for SNA/SDLC, BSC and
asynchronous environments. Req. additional
Hard and Software.


1501223 ADPT BASEBAND/A: Baseband NIC (Network Interface Card). 1 per
CPU on network. 2megabits/sec trans.

59G8998 LANSTREAM ADPT MC16: LANStreamer 16bit. 4 or 16 Mbps over
unshielded twisted pair or IBM cable. Need
6339098 cable to attach to TRN network. RPL

92F8942 LANSTREAM ADPT MC32: LANStreamer 32bit.

74F9410 TRN 16/4 ADAP/A: Token-Ring Network 16/4 Adapter. Half sized.
4 or 16 Mbps. Req. 6339098 cable. Replaces

69X8138 TRN ADAP/A: Token-Ring for NIC network. 4Mbps. Req. TR
adapter and LAN.


09F1897 IBM ARTIC M/2 512K: Realtime Interface Co-Processor Multiport/2.

00F5531 IBM ARTIC M/2 I/F CB: Multiport Interface 3 meter Cable. Attaches
to the ARTIC 8 port interface board.

16F1820 IBM ARTIC M/2 1MB: Realtime Interface Co-Processor Multiport/2.
Req. DOS or OS/2 support, and cables or
interface card.

16F1858 IBM X.25 CO PROC/2: IBM X.25 Co-Processor/2 communications
adapter. 512K memory, supports v.24, v.35, and
x.21 non-switched with appropriate cable.

16F1869 IBM X.25 CBL OPT V24: IBM X.25 Cable Option v.24. Connects from back
of the X.25 interface Co-Processor (16F1858)
to modem

16F1871 IBM X.25 CBL OPT V35: IBM X.25 Cable Option v.35. 10'cable with wrap
plug. For 16F1858.

6451013 IBM DUAL ASYNC /A: IBM Dual Asynchronous Adapter /A. Greater
comm. speed when used with OS/2. 2 independent
RS-232 ports, max of 3 9pin male. Req. one
expansion slot.


69F9734 ACTIONMEDIA CAPTURE: ActionMedia II Capture Option for AMII
adapters 69F9730 (ISA) and 69F9732 (MCA). Adds
NTSC/PAL video/audio inputs and recording

69F9732 ACTIONMEDIA II/A 2MB: ActionMedia II Video Adapter/A 2MB VRAM.
Playback digitized DVI full-motion video and
audio w/o ext. video/audio. Superimpose VGA
graphics on video. Recording req. 69F9734.

35G4712 IMGE ADAP/A 1MB UPGR: PS/2 Image Adapter 1MB. Use with ImagePlus
Workstation. Supports 1600x1200 mono and
1280x1024 color. Compatable with VGA and
8514/A modes. Supports 8506/7/8 displays.
Printer option use 07F4402.

35G4713 IMGE APAP/A 3MB UPGR: As above but 1280x1024x256.

07F4406 IMGE ADP/A MEM EXP K: Use with 44F9914 Image Adpt/A to expand
resolution to 1600x1280x16 greys.

07F4402 IMGE ADP/A PRTR OPT: Printer Scanner Option used with 44F9914 Image
Adapt/A to attach 3812002 Printer, 4216020
Printer 3117 and 3118 Scanner.

92F3379 M-MOTION VID ADPT/A: M-Motion Video Adapter/A. Full-motion video,
Still-image video, and audio. Superimpose VGA
graphics over video. Up to 3 NTSC inputs. Req.
04G3544 software.

92F3380 VIDEO CAPTURE ADPT/A: Video Capture Adapter/A. Allows viewing
and/or digitizing of STILL images from NTSC

87F4773 IBM ADPT XGA-2/A: PS/2 XGA-2 Display Adapter/A. 16/32bit bus
master, req. i386SX and higher. 1280x1024
max resolution, 256 colors. Refresh up to
75MHz. More than double performance of

75X5889 IBM MEM EXP KT XGA/A: PS/2 Video Memory Expansion Option. For all
PS/2 models supported by 75X5887 XGA display
adapter. Upgrade to 1MB of video memory for
1024x768x256 color support.

75X5887 IBM ADPT XGA/A: PS/2 XGA Display Adapter/A. 1024x768
Interlaced resolution. Use 75X5887 memory
option for 1024x768x256NI support.

49G2716 IMGE I ADP/A: PS/2 Image Adapter for use with 9504001,
6091191 and 9517001 monitors.


60G3879 AUDIOVATION ADPT/A: Audiovation Adapter/A. SoundBlaster
Compatable. MPC. 16bit audio with sampling up
to 44.1Khz.

92F3379 M-AUDIO CAPT ADAPT/A: M-Audio Capture Adapter/A. Captures,
digitizes, and plays back high quality audio.
Digitial audio processing, including


32G3279 50Z PLANAR BOARD: Planar upgrade for 50 and 50Z. Complete system
board w/ IBM 486SLC2-50. Built in SVGA w/ 1MB.
Uses existing drives. 4MB of RAM exp. to 16MB
w/ 6450902, 6450128, or 6450130.

32G3283 55 PLANAR BOARD: As above for 55SX/LS.

32G4144 MDL70 PRCUPG 486DX33: i486DX33 for 16/20MHz Model 70's. Uses system

32G4148 MDL80 PRCUPG 486DX33: As above for 16/20MHz Model 80's.

32G3606 IBM 486SLC2 PROC UPG: 486SLC2 for 56SX, 56SLC, 57SX, 57SLC, and
M57SLC from 386SX, 386SLC, and 486SX.

70G8992 IBM 486DX2/66 PLANAR: 486DX2/66 Upgrade Planar Board for 60, 65, and
80. Int. Math Co-proc. 128MB max. on 8 SIMM
sockets. P24T upgradeable. Opt. L2 cache. ECC
memory. 70/80ns. SVGA 1024x768. IDE

32G3296 IBM 486BL2/66 PLANAR: 486BL2/66 Upgrade Planar Board for 60, 65, and
80. Same as above with no Math Co-proc.

70G8988 IBM 486DX33 PLANAR: 486DX33 Upgrade Planar for Model 70. Int. Math
Co-proc. 31MB addressable on 2 SIMM Sockets
(4/16MB), P24T. 70/80ns memory. SVGA
1024x768. IDE controller.

32G3300 IBM 486BL2/66 PLANAR: 486BL2/66 for Model 70. As above but no Math

32G3335 60/65/80 HARDFILE KT: No description at FAQ time. ?Kit to mount hard
drive in Model 60, 65, and 80 systems with
planar upgrade?

32G3331 70 HARDFILE KIT: No description at FAQ time. ?Kit to mount hard
drive in Model 70 systems with planar upgrade?


82G1778 53LS UPGRADE KIT: Allow 9553LS to support floppy/hard drive

6451042 CBL SCSI OPT/OPT EXT: 50pin SCSI to 50pin SCSI. 2 feet long.

32G2958 ENH CD-ROM II INT DR: Compact Drive Read Only Memory II Internal
Drive. Performs at max. data rate of 327kb/sec
and 205ms access speed.

32G2960 ENH CD-ROM II KIT C: Allows 32G2958 to be installed in a Model 90.

6451072 IBM 1.44 MB DSK DRV: 1.44 MB 1" high. Supports SCSI Models 65, 80,
90 and 95. Mod 30 when 1st drive indicator
is below media slot req. 6451034, 55LS req.
6451035, 55SX no add. req.

6451130 IBM 1.44MB DDR: 1.44 MB 1" high. 3.5" drive. Models 35LX,
35LS, 40SX and 57SX. LS req. 6451037.

6451037 IBM 1.44MB INST KT: Bezel and cable kit for 1.44MB DDR
installation into LS type machines.

6450353 IBM 1.44MB DDR 50-80: 1.44 MB 1" high. 3.5" drive. Model 30 uses
planar board if 1st drive indicator above
media slot, 50, 50Z, 60, 70, and 80. Model 30
req. 6451037. No 55SX or P70.

6451046 IBM 160MB HDR SCSI: 160 MB SCSI Fixed Disk Drive. 160MB formatted
internal drive with 32k buffer and 16ms access
time. Models 57SX, 60, 65, 80, 90, and 95.
Non-SCSI models req. 6451109 or 6451110, and
some may req. 6451053.

70G7164 IBM 1GB DR SERVER 95: 1GB Fixed Drive for Server 95. 36 month

32G4198 IBM 1GB SCSI HDR: 1GB SCSI-2 Internal Hard Disk Drive. 8.7ms
access time. Supports 9590, 9595, 9556, 9557,
9576, 9577, 9585, 8590, 8595, 8556, 8557, and

32G4336 IBM 2.0GB SCSI HDR: 2GB SCSI Hard Drive.

6451121 IBM 2.3GB SCSI TDR: 2.3GB SCSI Internal Tape Drive. Use 21F8595

6451272 IBM 2.88MB DDR: 2.88MB 3.5" Disk Drive. Models 9556, 9557,
8556, 8557, 9576, and 9577. 720KB and 1.44KB

6451271 IBM 2.88MB ENH DDR: Enhanced 2.88MB 3.5" Disk Drive. Models 9585,
9595, 8590 (0H5, 0H9, 0L9, 0LF) and 8595 (0H9,

6451242 IBM 212MB HDR SCSI: 212MB Fixed Disk Drive. Int. in all PS/2 with
SCSI standard and ext. in all others with SCSI

32G4195 IBM 340MB AT HDR: 340MB AT Hard Drive. Models 8535xxx, 8540xxx.
Includes screws, slide and tray.

6451066 IBM 5.2 DDR/1,2 INT: 5.25" Internal 1.2MB Disk Drive. Models 35,
40, 57, 90, and 95. No slot req. 35LS req.

62G4151 IBM 540MB SCSI HDR: 540MB SCSI-2 Internal Hard Disk Drive. 8.7ms
access. Models 9590, 9595, 9585, 9556, 9557,
9576, 9577, 8580, 8595, 8556, 8557, 8580.

30F5279 IBM 80/120MB INT TBU: Internal Tape Backup Unit 80MB/120MB. 3.5"
high. Models 35SX thru 95 (except 55SX/LS and
P70). Req. 87F9826 cable on SCSI models and

6451109 IBM ADAPT SCSI: 16bit SCSI Micro Channel Adapter for all
non-SCSI 16bit systems. Replaces 6451005.

6451133 IBM ADAPT/CACHE SCSI: 32bit SCSI Micro Channel Adapter with Cache
for all non-SCSI 32bit systems. Replaces

6451145 IBM CD-ROM II KIT A: Compact Read Only Memory II Drive Kit A. For
inst. of drive 6451104 in models 60, 65SX, 80
and 95 SCSI. Req. 6451133 or 6451109.

6451146 IBM CD-ROM II KIT B: Compact Read Only Memory II Drive Kit B. For
inst. of drive 6451104 and enclosure 35100V0
allows ext. installation in all PS/2s. Non-
SCSI req. 6451133 or 6451109.

6451126 IBM OPTICAL DR KIT A: Optical Drive Kit A. For install of drive
6450162 in models 60 and 80 (-041,-071,-111,

6451295 IBM R/W OPTICAL DR: 3.5" Enhanced Rewritable Optical Drive. All
SCSI PS/2 internally or external with
enclosure. 256KB buffer and 40ms seek time.

6451039 IBM SCSI EXT TERM: SCSI Terminator for use with 6451110. Inc.
with 6451139.

6451053 IBM SCSI HD KIT A: SCSI Hard Drive Kit A. Allows two SCSI fixed
disk drives to be installed in non-SCSI models
60, 80, and a 3rd and 4th drive in SCSI models
65 and 80. Converts one 5.25" full-high bay
into two 3.5" half-high.

6451120 IBM SCSI HDR KIT D: SCSI Hard Drive Kit D. For install of 60MB or
120MB SCSI fixed disk drive in model 57, 90,
95, or external enclosure 3511003.

92F3340 IBM TAPE BKUP KT OS2: Convenience kit for OS/2. Inc. program,
30F5279, and mini tape cart DC2120. SCSI
models req. cable 87F9826.

64G3736 TBU KIT 250 DOS: As above for DOS.

64G3713 TBU KIT 250 WINDOWS: As above for Windows.


87F9856 IBM 2MB MEM OPT KIT: 32bit Full size with 2MB memory, expands to
14MB. Models 70, 80, and P70. Accepts 6450603,
6450604, 6450608, and 87F9977 modules.

87F9860 IBM 4MB MEM OPT KIT: As above but with intially 4MB, expands to

32G3720 IBM 16MB ECC MEM70NS: 16MB of 70ns ECC memory.

30F5360 IBM 2MB MEMRY 120NS: 2MB of 120ns memory for 25-286 and 30-286. Max
of 4 added to 1497259 and 6 added to 30F5362.
Existing 512K chips must be removed, AB4320
is the preferred solution.

6450902 IBM 2MB MEMRY 70NS: 2MB of 70ns memory.

6450608 IBM 2MB MEMRY 80NS: 2MB of 80ns memory.

6450604 IBM 2MB MEMRY 85NS: 2MB of 85ns memory. (Also 92F0104)

6450902 IBM 2MB MEMRY 70NS: 2MB of 70ns memory.

6450128 IBM 4MB MEMRY 70NS: 4MB of 70ns memory. (Also 92F0105)

87F9977 IBM 4MB MEMRY 80NS: 4MB of 80ns memory.

6451159 IBM 8MB MEM ECC70NS: 8MB of 70ns ECC memory.

6450130 IBM 8MB MEMRY 70NS: 8MB of 70ns memory.


82G7259 WINDSURFER ADPTR/A: Windsurfer communications adapter/A. with
integ. 14.4Kbps data modem, 9600bps FAX.
Telephone answering/voice mail. MIDI interface
capable. Supports Windows 3.1 MPC Audio Apps.
Soundblaster compatable.

60G0736 WAVERUNNER ADPTR/A: Digital FAX/Modem adapter/A. 64k bps over ISDN
Basic Rate ISDN (BRI) provides two B channels
of up to 64k bps voice/data and one D channel
for signaling info at 16kKbps; Bell 103, 212,
V.22bis, V.32, V.32bis compatible; packet
level bonding for IP packets; support for CAPI
and WinISDN APIs, 4:1 compression using V.42bis
over V.120 or ISDN via modem, 56k bps or 64k
bps with other ISDN devices; X.25 on B and D
channels when using CM/2 with OS/2; supports
Euro-ISDN, 1TR6, and VN4; G3 fax; includes
DataFAX Lite and TurboCom for Windows software
(3.5"). 10-foot phone cable; req's 386SX or
better processor in a PC capable of supporting
DMA bus master operation, OS/2 2.1 or MS
Windows 3.1; uses Mwave DSP for software
upgradeable functionality; 5 year warranty.

Please note these PART NUMBERS tend to change and if you have a IBM part
simular to what is listed here, but with a different IBMPN then call
800-772-2227 for a cross-reference. Also some options listed may work in
other machines, but are not called for per IBM, in general if it works it
works. I would recommend a post though before
buying something expensive on speculation that your PS/2 is 'close enough'
to another for compatability (if you are buying used equipment, IBM PC
Direct offers 30-day unconditional money-back returns if purchased through

email:Chris Feeny

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