PS2 56XX Error Codes

4700PC Financial Adapter Errors

5601 PS/2 keyboard failed.
5602 PS/2 Keyboard failed Self-Test.
5603 PS/2 Keyboard error.
5604 50-Key keyboard is not attached.
5605 50-Key keyboard self-test failed.
5606 50 Key keyboard error.
5607 Invalid keyboard configuration.
5608 50-Key keyboard parameter error.
5609 Invalid system for the keyboard program.
5611 PIN Keypad failed.
5614 No PIN Keypad attached to System Unit.
5615 PIN Keypad driver has an input parameter error.
5616 PIN Keypad not attached to the Pointing Device connector.
5617 Pin Keypad failed self-test.
5618 Pin Keypad has a communications error.
5619 System invalid for PIN keypad driver.
5621 Magnetic Stripe Unit failed.
5623 Magnetic Stripe Unit not connected to System Unit.
5624 Magnetic Stripe Unit driver input error.
5626 Magnetic Stripe Unit not attached to Pointing Device connector.
5627 Magnetic Stripe Unit self-test failed
5629 System invalid for the Magnetic Stripe Unit driver.
5630 STATUS = F1 system attempted unsucessful IPL from diskette.
5631 STATUS REMOTE START - normal start-up message.
5633 STATUS REMOTE IPL - normal start-up message.
5691 Device driver error.

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