10001 DIAGS ErrorCannot detect presence of Multiprotocol adapter
10002 DIAGS ErrorCard selected feedback error
10003 DIAGS ErrorPort 102H failed register test
10004 DIAGS ErrorPort 103H failed register test
10006 DIAGS ErrorSerial option cannot be put to sleep
10007 DIAGS ErrorCable error
10008 DIAGS ErrorAsync IRQ3 Error
10009 DIAGS ErrorAsync IRQ4 Error
10010 DIAGS Error16550 fails register test
10011 DIAGS ErrorInternal wrap test of 16550 modem control lines failed
10012 DIAGS ErrorExternal wrap test of 16550 modem control lines failed
10013 DIAGS Error16550 transmit error
10014 DIAGS Error16550 receive error
10015 DIAGS Error16550 receive data not equal transmit data
10016 DIAGS Error16550 interrupt function error
10017 DIAGS Error16550 failed baud rate test
10018 DIAGS Error16550 interrupt driven receive wrap failed
10019 DIAGS Error16550 FIFO error
10026 DIAGS Error8255 Port A error
10027 DIAGS Error8255 Port B error
10028 DIAGS Error8255 Port C error
10029 DIAGS Error8254 timer 0 error
10030 DIAGS Error8254 timer 1 error
10031 DIAGS Error8254 timer 2 error
10032 DIAGS ErrorBisync DSR response to DTR error
10033 DIAGS ErrorBisync CTS response to RTS error
10034 DIAGS Error8251 hardware reset test failed
10035 DIAGS Error8251 function error
10035 DIAGS Error8251 internal software rest failure
10035 DIAGS Error8251 error reset command failed
10035 DIAGS Error8251 cannot detect overrun error
10036 DIAGS Error8251 Status error
10036 DIAGS Error8251 Tx ready error
10036 DIAGS Error8251 Rx ready error
10037 DIAGS ErrorBisync timer interrupt error
10038 DIAGS ErrorBisync transmit interrupt error
10039 DIAGS ErrorBisync receive interrupt error
10040 DIAGS ErrorStray IRQ3 error
10041 DIAGS ErrorStray IRQ4 error
10042 DIAGS ErrorBisync external wrap error
10044 DIAGS ErrorBisync data wrap error
10045 DIAGS ErrorBisync line status/condition error
10046 DIAGS ErrorBisync timeout error during data wrap test
10050 DIAGS Error8273 command acceptance or results ready timeout error
10051 DIAGS Error8273 PORT A error
10052 DIAGS Error8273 PORT B error
10053 DIAGS ErrorSDLC modem status change logic error
10054 DIAGS ErrorSDLC timer interrupt (IRQ4) error
10055 DIAGS ErrorSDLC modem status change interrupt (IRQ4) error
10056 DIAGS ErrorSDLC external wrap error
10057 DIAGS ErrorSDLC interrupt results error
10058 DIAGS ErrorSDLC data wrap error
10059 DIAGS ErrorSDLC transmit interrupt error
10060 DIAGS ErrorSDLC receive interrupt error
10061 DIAGS ErrorDMA channel 1 error (transmit)
10062 DIAGS ErrorDMA channel 1 error (receive)
10063 DIAGS Error8273 status detect error
10064 DIAGS Error8273 error detect failure

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