PC 1XX Error Codes

System Board Or Setup Errors

01x Undetermined problem
101 SYSTEM BOARD Interrupt failure.
102 SYSTEM BOARD BIOS ROM Checksum Error (pc)
102 SYSTEM BOARD Timer failure. (pcat)
103 SYSTEM BOARD BIOS ROM Checksum Error (pc)
103 SYSTEM BOARD Timer interrupt failure. (pcat)
104 SYSTEM BOARD Protected mode failure. (pcat)
105 SYSTEM BOARD Last 8042 command not accepted.
106 SYSTEM BOARD Converting logic test.
107 SYSTEM BOARD Hot NMI test.
108 SYSTEM BOARD Timer bus test.
109 SYSTEM BOARD Direct memory access test error.
115 Cache parity error, ROM checksum, or DMA error
116 System board port read/write failure
118 System board parity or L2-cache error during previous power-on
119 "E" Step level 82077 (floppy controller) and 2.88M drive installed (not supported
120 Microprocessor self test error
121 256K ROM checksum error (second 128Kb bank)
121 SYSTEM BOARD Unexpected hardware interrupts occurred.
131 SYSTEM BOARD Cassette wrap test failed.(bad system board)
131 DMA compatibility registers error
132 DMA extended registers error
133 DMA verify logic error
134 DMA arbitration logic error
151 SYSTEM BOARD Real Time Clock Failure (or CMOS ERROR on 5170)
152 SYSTEM BOARD CMOS Date and Time error (5170)
161 SYSTEM BOARD System Options Error (Battery failure) CMOS chip power
162 SYSTEM BOARD System options error (Run SETUP) CMOS Checksum error
163 SYSTEM BOARD Time and date not set (Run SETUP).
164 SYSTEM BOARD Memory size error (Run SETUP) CMOS does not match sys.
170 PC Convertible;LCD not in use when suspended
171 PC Convertible; base 128K checksum failure
171 DIAGS Error - Failed I/O addressing test
171 Rolling-bit-test failure on CMOS shutdown address byte
172 Rolling-bit-test failure on NVRAM diagnostic byte
172 PC Convertible;diskette active when suspended
174 PC Convertible;LCD configuration change
175 Bad EEPROM CRC #1
175 PC Convertible;LCD alternate mode failed
176 Tamper evident
177 Bad priviledged-access-password CRC
177 Bad EEPROM
178 Bad EEPROM
179 NVRAM error log full
180x Sub address data error, x is the slot number of the error
181 Unsupported configuration
182 Priviledged-access switch (jmp 2) is not in the write-enable position
183 PAP is needed to boot from the sytem programs
184 Bad power on password checksum - erase it
184 Bad power on password
185 Bad startup sequence
186 Password-protection hardware error
187 Serial number error
188 Bad EEPROM checksum CRC #2
189 Excessive incorrect password attempts
191 82385 cache controller failure
194 System board memory error
199 SYSTEM BOARD User indicated configuration not correct.

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