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OS/2 Utilities ( 70187 12-30-90 Revised *.DLL for Lotus 3.0 under os/2
211red1.exe 865376 09-20-94 Install OS/2 2.11 from B: 5.25
211red2.exe 664621 09-20-94 Install OS/2 2.11 from B: 5.25 2221621 10-02-93 OS/2 2.1 Demo CD-ROM Kicker 32782 06-12-93 Desktop expander gives multiple desktps 72800 09-15-92 OS/2 2.0 printer setting fixes for wind 210120 06-12-93 Start programs at specified time. alarm 69632 11-21-93 Access your HPFS driver from DOS BOOT ...I do not have HPFS to test this file. It is supposed to be able to copy files to/from the HPFS partion along with other simple file managment services.
aptdes.txt 3448 07-08-96 Text information on APTWARP2.EXE 28833 01-25-9 1 PD ATM Type 1 font 'Architect' ...Another PD ATM compatible font for OS/2 1.3
arc2.exe 59392 03-17-93 Archive Utility V. 6.00P 67176 04-02-94 PM multi-threaded Archive Manager 235846 01-09-97 IBM Consumer PC Assistant(part of PCASST 504589 01-09-97 IBM General Info Asst(part of 497359 01-09-97 IBM Marketing Asst (part of PCASST.ZIP) 230713 01-09-97 IBM PC Options Asst (part of PCASST.ZIP) 1750395 01-09-97 IBM OS Assistant (part of PCASST.ZIP) 310178 01-09-97 IBM PC Series Asst (part of PCASST.ZIP) 379114 01-09-97 IBM PS/2 Assistant (part of PCASST.ZIP) 298150 01-09-97 IBM PC Servers Asst (part of PCASST.ZIP) 215334 01-09-97 IBM Service Asst (part of PCASST.ZIP) 323964 01-09-97 IBM ThinkPad Asst (part of PCASST.ZIP) 209547 01-09-97 IBM ValuePoint Asst (part of PCASST.ZIP)
asst.txt 28618 01-09-97 Description/Install info for PC Assistan 29516 05-22-91 OS/2 PM ATM-type font BalletEngraved ...Another PD ATM type 1 compatible font. BalletEngraved is a rather thick and bold font. 36603 05-22-91 OS/2 PM ATM type-1 font "Florence" 23643 05-22-91 OS/2 PM ATM PD type-1 font "Muriel" ...This is another PD ATM Type-1 compatible font. "Muriel" works with the built-in ATM in OS/2 1.3 and is a small, finely drawn script font. 202210 08-04-94 Postscript,INF,ASCII OS/2 Awards Info 543271 08-16-94 32-bit backup utility for OS/2 2.1 ...Back Again/2 fully supports HPFS, long file names, extended attributes, and can process files which are currently in use. All OS/2 logical devices are supported for backup. If you can do a 'DIR' command against your device, you can backup to it. 33850 02-18-93 Blackhole-this will delete anything 47498 04-26-94 OS/2 Screen Blanker 25086 09-23-93 OS/2 screen blanker,not fancy but works 26097 01-25-91 PD ATM Type 1 Font 'BlackChancery' ...This font, along with a collection of similar fonts, are PD fonts converted for use with Adobe Type Manager which is included with OS/2 v1.3. 24968 09-22-94 Blue to Salmon Conversion Utility. 53260 03-15-91 PD ATM Type 1 font 36821 05-21-91 Triple boot configuration ...Configure your drive to boot up under any chosen operating system by using a Function key on bootup. 807922 09-15-93 OS/2 2.1 *single* floppy boot disk
bootdisk.1dk 971040 09-02-94 OS/2 2.11 FixPak Install disk 1/2(.DSK)
bootdisk.2dk 812400 09-02-94 OS/2 2.11 FixPak Install disk 2/2(dsk)
bootdsk1.exe 839909 09-02-94 OS/2 2.11 FixPak Install disk 1/2
bootdsk2.exe 686507 09-02-94 OS/2 2.11 FixPak Install disk 2/2 40920 01-21-94 OS/2 Boot Interrupter v1.0 41984 02-05-94 OS/2 change boot (CMD etc.) on-the-fly 18780 05-18-93 Bootover v1.1 Boot from DOS or OS/2 ...Have you system boot to OS/2 from one command. Works from DOS to OS/2, and from OS/2 to DOS this version has the fix which will allow the program to work from the desktop. 12288 05-21-91 PM utility to browse OS2.INI. Careful! ...Browser is a PM utility to browse the preferences stored in OS2.INI. Caution is the word here, as damage is possible with such a utility. 18898 06-26-95 Utility to test & reveal actual L1 & L2 29912 01-25-91 PD ATM Type 1 font 'Caligula' ...Another PD ATM compatible font for OS/2 v1.3 20770 06-22-95 Copy Maximum NUmber of Files to Diskette 577571 06-06-95 CONFIG.SYS information Utility program 130465 02-08-94 Checks storage on hard disk's home dir. 49152 11-29-90 PM app to start programs at given time ...CHRON is an OS/2 PM app which will start an event (program or application) at a given time. ver 2.3 is shareware and worthy of a tryout by anyone with this need (e.g running tape backup in background at midnight would be a good use).
cle.arc 40960 05-25-90 OS/2 Command Line Editor for DOS & OS/2 50264 03-06-91 PM Clip v1.1b Latest version. 45056 01-20-94 Add command box to every folder 20002 02-28-94 REXX routine--powerful cmd line editor 4096 01-20-94 how to decrease your OS/2 boot time 63658 05-22-91 PM file compare utility. VERY NICE! ...Contrast is a very well done file compare utility. It highlights differences between the compared files in user-selectible colors and can even produce (but not save) a combined file. The only areas for improvement would be a merged file save option and some printing options. Source code is included. Appears to be PD. 8935 06-19-95 Inlcudes Startrek & Hand pointers 130650 11-17-94 Newest Demo of CPU Monitor Plus 35840 02-19-94 Unix Cron to use with REXX programs 79168 08-16-94 Demo of System Configuration Editor 1.0
custom.exe 688512 09-15-93 Update for Softerm OS/2 2.1 19253 02-04-93 Convert Windows icons to OS/2 Icons 118758 04-26-94 OS/2 installation edit/optimizer 72072 03-06-91 Latest version of bound dir-lister. ...This character-based app comes in DOS, OS/2 and bound versions along with a setup utility to set options. 12-12-90. 28288 03-06-91 File conversion utility: .DBF->EE DM ...This file conversion utility converts dBase III .DBF files (along with any .NDX files as well) for use with IBM's OS/2 EE DM and QM. It creates a .CMD file to handle creation of the new database. 29328 03-04-93 Add dual-boot after 2.0 install-V 1.10
dcf211b.txt 1125 04-28-95 Description of DCF211B.ZIP 915600 05-09-94 OS/2 DATA COMPRESSION 76025 10-02-93 DCF/2 Compress/Decompress Utility 30640 04-22-94 DDF source to manage help files 20158 06-20-95 OS/2 verison of the DOS deltree command 16195 05-24-90 Desktop V11-28-89. Includes Screen-Blak 46720 05-22-91 OS/2 PM ATM type-1 font "Diego1" 1927440 06-07-94 DeskMan/2 1.x to 1.15 update 194560 02-19-94 archive manager for os/2 24902 06-22-95 Tests for DMA bug on some systems 15502 09-23-92 .INF on DosQProcStatus API for OS/2 2.0
ds220dem.exe 1012130 02-28-95 DualStor for OS/2 version 2.0 DEMO! 32512 01-16-91 OS/2 PM Diskette Archiver v1.10 ...Great OS/2 PM application for archiving one or more diskettes for backup or transmission by modem. Works like TELEGET, but is a real OS/2 PM application. Shareware ver 1.10 dated 1/7/91. Allows saving several diskettes to one file w/selective retrieve. 91264 06-22-95 latest ZMODEM (3/24/95)
dt2paid1.exe 1390313 11-07-95 DirectTalk/2 Productivity Aids disk 1/2
dt2paid2.exe 1021558 11-07-95 DirectTalk/2 Productivity Aids disk 2/2
dt2paids.txt 11046 11-06-95 DirectTalk/2 Productivity Aids Inst Info 71857 07-21-93 Can edit CONFIG.SYS if OS/2 won't boot ...This is the original system editor from OS/2 1.1. It is a text based program. If you have an HPFS volume and OS/2 will not boot due to problems in CONFIG.SYS, you must boot OS/2 from floppy to access your HPFS volumes. There is no way to access the PM editors, and DOS editors won't run. This one will! 308800 01-20-94 Electronic Mag for OS/2 Programmers 394841 07-20-93 EHP text editor (handles foreign lang.) 14927 05-18-93 Demo of animated icon w/clock 344 06-23-92 2.0GA DEBUG util closes DOS or VDM sess ...This is a small DEBUG input file that will recreate a 7 byte program that will close either a DOS session (sames as entering EXIT) or close a Bootable VDM. This is the ONLY way to close a bootable VDM. 2942154 06-12-96 EPM Version 6.03b (Upgrades 5.04, 5.51) 5385 12-07-90 REXX program to evaluate expressions ...This is a neat REXX demo script that evaluates numeric and REXX expressions, returning an answer for each expression entered. It is a great little example pf REXX programming. Freeware. 16240 03-06-91 OS/2 PM one-pass diskcopy. A or B drive ...A nice example of a one-pass diskcopy utility. This version uses a graphic progess-bar to show copy status. 239616 08-16-94 Allows access of progs via a file bar ...This is an application launch facility. Quickly access your most used programs and switch between tasks quickly and easily. Excellent for those who hate minimizing several windows just to get to their often used icon that is unopened on the OS/2 101376 01-20-94 Norton Commander Clone for OS/2 21414 05-19-93 Command line prg. to find files on HD 37004 06-12-95 Finds files on H-drive, (Fast) 116931 05-24-90 OS/2 Filelist Utility Latest Ver 5.7 15043 06-17-93 Keeps a window floating on top 276296 03-02-94 OS/2 Filemgr by author of AV for DOS 316991 03-11-94 Latest Version of File Manager 232249 06-22-95 A Set of OS/2 Utils, defrag, etc. 76853 04-12-94 OS/2 ATM Font Manager 19121 10-31-92 Takes screen snapshot, OS/2 full screen
fsb.arc 29696 05-24-90 OS/2 File System Browser 66568 03-06-91 Enhanced OS/2 CMD.EXE ...Adds aliasing, enhanced scroll-back and other functions to OS/2 character-mode sessions. Can function as a replacement for CMD.EXE in many instances. Fine shareware for OS/2. 656061 07-19-91 OS/2 PM GUI Programming Facility - DEMO ...GPF.ZIPis MicroFormatics' GUI Programming Facility for PM ver1.1 and is a 'working model' type demo which allows most functions of the full package except ability to save GUI designs. To install, unzip with pathnames intact to a 1.44mb diskette, label the te GPF_1 (required by the installation routine) and run . 29587 01-25-91 PD ATM Type 1 font 'GraphicsLight' ...Another PD ATM compatible font for OS/2 v1.3 20516 12-20-90 OS/2 version of GREP, popular w/UNIX. 17670 05-21-91 PM editor designed to making .INF files ...HELPEDIT is a PM app designed for editting sourcecode to create .INF or help files. 14153 07-19-91 OS/2 PM Helpfile (.IPF) editor v1.1 ...Helpedit v1.1 is a more recent version of the shareware editor for creating .IPF files. It is an editor that inserts the special features used by .IPFs. dated 2-17-91. 16341 09-24-91 OS/2 PM Helpedit .IPF editor v1.2 ...This is a shareware .IPF editor intended to assist in the creation of .IPF source files for compilation using IPFC into help or .INF files. The shareware version has no help and is limitted to small files but is functional. ver 1.2 8/28/91 77691 07-13-94 HPFS Undelete utility!!! 37888 02-05-94 Revisable OS/2 boot management 24456 10-02-93 More OS/2 icons! 232777 01-18-96 Desktop icon organizer. WPS enhanced 22545 05-24-90 OS/2 PM collection of icons for OS/2 ap 107937 03-25-92 Idle News. OS/2 IPF.Reviews & article 319998 11-04-93 Convert OS/2 .INF files to plain text 25445 03-24-94 System INFO displayed on a PM toolbar 75782 08-28-92 Prob determination for OS/2 (23 files) 484058 11-05-93 Latest INI editor for OS/2, Caution!!!!
inishow.arc 9995 05-24-90 OS/2 Displays OS2.INI Info in 1.1 33792 01-12-91 INI file utility. One of the best. 1891068 06-22-93 Install 2.1 from B 3.5" blue color set 1934345 03-11-94 Install 2.1 from B: 3.5" Salmon disks 1773903 06-25-92 Boot 5.25"/A & install 3.5"/B OS/2 2.0 ...This file contains two diskette image files: DISKI.DSK allows the installation of OS/2 2.0 from a 5.25" A drive. DISKB.DSK is a special diskette image required to allow the installation from drive B with 3.5" diskettes. YOU MUST DOWNLOAD LDF.COM FROM FILE AREA #10 TO EXTRACT DSK FILES (COMPUTERCRAFT Note: LDF.COM is in this same list, just four files down) 6885 04-26-94 Set OS/2 session screen to 80x30 2588 04-09-93 Feed keystrokes to a util from a .BAT 34546 10-13-93 Kills running applications by name
lf37-os2.arc 28672 05-24-90 OS/2 J. Archer's Directory Lister 114258 06-17-93 Lharc for OS/2 (16 & 32bit) handle .LZH
lines.arc 4864 05-24-90 OS/2 Toggle VGA Between 25 & 50 Lines 105575 03-29-94 Rexx prog--list EA contents to text 7250 05-23-91 OS/2 Laserjet print util. On graybar. ...LJLGRAY will print ASCII files 2-up (two pages on one). It is similar to other file-listers except that it creates a gray-bar background of alternating 5-line graybars to enhance readibilklity. OS/2 protected mode only, character-based. 65616 02-08-94 used w/ for ATI MACH driver
loadram2.exe 22788 09-16-96 extracts .ram files 111325 06-02-93 32-bit OS/2 File Viewing Utility
ls311.txt 4121 08-23-90 About LS311.EXE replacement for SORT. ...Text file give some info on the OS/2 & DOS utility LSORT available here as LS311.EXE. Just run LS311.EXE to unpack.
ls_os2.arc 21504 05-24-90 OS/2 Unix-Like Dir Lister 3840 06-23-92 REXX prg. that makes OS/2 2.0 boot disk 17086 04-14-95 Create Book icon for .INF files 19340 09-13-93 Makes a DSK image from a disk 3072 01-23-93 REXX for os/2 CSD, Need VRexx 55158 10-25-94 ManyClip: Allows multiple PM Clipboards 17434 06-17-93 Memo/reminder with alarm for PM 147144 10-09-93 Useful system resources program for PM 172556 03-25-94 Resource monitor-nice, configurable-src 329845 08-07-95 MemSize v2.52 -System monitor 489315 03-13-96 Resources monitor for Warp 35608 03-15-91 PD ATM Type 1 font 36412 03-15-91 PD ATM Type 1 font ...Mistral is another PD ATM Type 1 compatible font for OS/2 1.3. It is an interesting script typeface but not at all flowery.
mksr104.exe 18827 02-19-94 Newer MAKESR.CMD file for PMTAPE
mltmt30p.zip838004 06-29-94 Maintain INI EA and backup desktops 17222 06-17-93 view & terminate crashed programs 23296 03-06-91 OS/2 PM CPU Activity Monitor v1.2 ...A PM utility, CPU Activity Monitor displays CPU load as an updated line chart. It has a number of options and comes with full source code. v1.20 is dated 5-17-89. 142989 05-24-90 MS V7.00 Mouse Support (Incl. OS/2 supp 59129 02-07-94 Mini PM Shell for OS/2 3927 06-19-95 Hand pointers for your PM mouse 81081 10-26-95 Wow! Workplace Shell Enhancer. Freeware. 41376 08-09-90 OS/2 Backup utility v1.24 114688 02-01-94 OS/2 Backup and restore utility 17353 06-26-95 Util to recreat Warp object accid. del'd 34263 03-15-91 PD ATM Type 1 font for OS/2 1.3. ...Old-Town looks kind of like a compressed Souvenir. Not bad but there are better fonts. 13312 01-20-94 OS/2 and DOS--report OS in use as ErrLv 79877 06-07-95 OS/2 1.x Tips and Q&As from PS Assistnt ...This file contains all of the OS/2 1.x technical tips and Q&As that used to be in the PS Technical Assistant. These have been removed due to their size and age. Users of the PS Assistant who still have to support OS/2 1.x systems should download this file in addition to the "regular" PS Assistant files.
os2.arc 2048 05-24-90 OS/2 Small Useful Utils, Pid, Killpro
os2_dacs.exe 369461 06-22-95 S3 864 fix for OS/2 display Problems 23258 07-21-92 150 OS/2 2.0 Q & A's
os2activ.arc 25960 05-24-90 OS/2 Monitor Task Activities of CPU
os2aes.exe 86296 03-01-91 OS/2 AES Ver 1.1 for OS/2 Ver 1.3 ...This is a self-extracting file.
os2apar.exe 121600 09-14-92 OS/2 APARS from IBM ServiceLink/IBMLink
os2arc.arc 38912 05-24-90 OS/2 ARC Program 16988 09-02-92 Shows location of OS/2 files on dsk.
os2free.arc 7168 05-24-90 OS/2 Reports RAM Free, Time (not 24) & 219278 04-22-94 ISO Fonts for OS/2 on PS/2 Systems ...ISO compliant fonts for use with OS/2 2.00.1 and higher on PS/2 systems. 3033 05-25-90 OS/2 and Logitech Mouse. Notes on OS/2 1389 05-24-90 OS/2 Support for Logitech Mice
os2nloff.arc 7168 05-24-90 OS/2 Turn Numlock Off
os2setng.exe 34944 04-03-92 OS/2 2.0 DOS SETTINGS FOR MANY PROGRAMS ...You have asked for it and now you can get it. Provided by one of the OS/2 developers in BOCA, here is a list of the DOS settings to use for MANY, MANY DOS applications, games, etc.. 2410 09-24-92 tricks DV programs to give os2 more CPU ...For Desqview aware programs, tells the program that is is running under DV and to give-up unused CPU usage back to OS/2. 1456547 06-18-90 Several OS/2 Utilities 273408 06-02-94 WP 60 Windows OS/2 Integration Tool ...OS/2 WPS Integration tools disk for seamless integration of Wordperfect 6.0a for Windows into the WPS. Requires the 6.0a interim release.
os2wp61.txt 810 01-25-95 Text file that contains Desc os2wp61.z 327319 01-25-95 OS/2 WPS Intergration tools disk for -> ...seamless integration of both Wordperfect 6.0a and 6.1 for windows into the WPS
os2xdir.arc 19456 05-24-90 OS/2 Extended Directory 135757 01-16-91 OS/2 remote access utility ...OS/2 application allows remote dial-in (and auto call-back for security, if needed) and remote execution of character-mode OS/2 applications! OS2you could even be used to create an inexpensive multi-user (non-GUI, non-PM) OS/2 environment since it supports several popular serial terminals. Veryice shareware from Sweden. 8382 05-24-90 OS/2 PM Viewing Utility. Works wkunzip 175004 03-10-94 Screen capture and conversion for OS/2 219682 08-02-93 Popup Menu system launchs applications 4966647 01-09-97 All IBM PC Assistant Files (14). 24576 12-06-93 Convert PFM fonts to OS/2's AFM format 54532 07-19-91 OS/2 HPFS/FAT UNERASE 55595 09-16-93 OS/2 phone dialer
pkos2250.exe 309181 07-03-97 Pkwares Pkzip & Pkunzip for OS/2 V2.50
pkzos2.exe 258176 07-18-91 Pkwares Pkzip & Pkunzip for OS/2 59822 01-25-91 PD ATM Type 1 font 'Playbill' ...Another PD ATM compatible font for OS/2 v1.3 304585 07-01-94 Neat PM system watcher. 46625 05-24-90 OS/2 PM System Benckmark Suite From Pub 45314 10-31-92 OS/2 PM program to capture PM screens 137174 06-03-93 PM Disk Copy demo- cpy,format,image,chk 11655 05-24-90 OS/2 PM Replacement for Diskcopy 32380 01-21-94 OS/2 PM Disk Copier. 30223 12-07-90 OS/2 PM Envelope Printer w/source! ...This is a very nice little envelope printer for OS/2 PM. This version works with OS/2 and puts address and return address on several different sizes of standard envelopes. 12438 05-21-91 PM diskette formatter for OS/2 v1.10 ...Shareware ($5) OS/2 PM diskette formatter from Germany. Handles both high and low density media in either A: or B: drive. Saves position. Placement of graphic elements overlaps with 8514/A video, but the utility works fine. Nice icon. 4245 11-29-90 PM front-end for OS/2 Format utility ...PMFormat is a front-end for FORMAT. It is intended for ISA machines and defaults to 5.25" A and 3.5" B drives with no way to change that default. Perhaps a more flexible version will appear later on.
pmfree.exe 37168 05-13-92 PM Disk Free utility.see free disk/ram 8778 05-24-90 OS/2 PM File Lister/Browser. Well-Done. 16095 05-24-90 OS/2 PM Utility to Startup an OS/2 App 57337 09-28-90 OS/2 PM file viewer - improved version ...This is an improved version of an OS/2 PM file viewer origionally written by PC MAg. Source code is included. 85332 01-24-91 PMView - latest ver 4a dtd 12/90 47271 05-25-90 OS/2 PM World Clock Utility. Multiple C 70754 01-26-91 OS/2 PM ZIpfile front-end ...Nice shareware front-end for ZIPfile management. Should be associated with *.ZIPfor best use. Has a lot of options. There a a few shortcomings such as the view option for examining text files within .ZIPS but overall, an improvement over ZSHELL. 29669 05-21-91 OS/2 multiple OS boot utility. ...Polyboot allows booting different OSs. Source and intruction in two languages is included. From Germany. 42564 01-25-91 PD ATM Type 1 font 'PostCrypt' ...PD ATM compatible font 'PostCrypt' for Halloween.
prolite.exe 259902 05-10-91 Programmer's Productivity Pack LITE. 3820 07-01-94 Prgm that writes to PS/2 MOD 95 panel 192478 06-22-95 Utility to determine system configuraton 56390 03-04-94 Query VDM settings 52854 11-11-94 Fix Quicken 4.0 Windows to work in OS/2 2048 01-20-94 REXX recreates standard DT objects 509334 09-18-90 PS/2 PM Relish v2.0 Working Model ...Relish v2.0 is an OS/2 PM commercial application that is an upgraded NOW - a PIM. It is similar to Packrat/2 and Active Life and uses the calendar as it's primary metaphor. The Working Model will not print and is restricted in other ways but is much there. No .DOCs. Cost of the real app is $149.
removos2.txt 6819 12-06-95 Removing OS/2 From Your System 98918 01-25-91 REXX Reference on-line IPF REXX docs. ...Very well-done .IPF on REXX syntax by Brian Buck. As with PS@ Assistant this on-line REXX documentation must be VIEWed in OS/2 PM. dtd 9/90. Author is reachable on CIS.
rexx.exe 115759 07-12-91 On-line reference manual for REXX/2. ...This file contains the file REXX.INF (Tips for programming in REXX). This file is intended to be used with OS/2 (Ver. 1.2 or later). Use the VIEW.EXE program with this file. 135169 07-19-91 REXX/2 On-line Manual - IBM beta ...IBM OS/2 REXX/2 on-line manual in .INF form. This beta version obtained form IBMOS2 conference on CIS. 1437 11-11-90 REXX .CMD file for ASCII file printing ...This is a REXX .CMD file that will take an ASCII text file and print it using a small HP font 75 lines to a page with a header date and page numbering on each page. Makes a good example of something to use REXX for. 1071 12-07-90 REXX .CMD file with startup options ...This is just a simple REXX .CMD file that shows REXX put to use as sort of a super-batch language to automate backup applications. 101788 02-07-94 Desktop Backup and Restore Program
rprinter.exe 55808 04-06-93 updated rprinter for os/2 20480 02-02-94 run os/2 session from dos session 23152 01-16-91 REXX/SAA DLL adds 12 Async ops ...A PD REXX/SAA DLL that adds 12 Asynch comm functions to the REXX language. Not great, but full source is included. With this it should be possible to prototype a full comm program or BBS just using REXX! Good luck! 51697 03-15-91 PD ATM Type 1 font ...Two well-formed San-Serif PD ATM Type 1 fonts. Use with OS/2 1.3 41984 07-19-94 Ver. 3 - Sel. Delete, Move & Copy files ...Version 3 - Enables selective deleting, moving and now copying of files. Another added feature is disk info viewing. View total HD space along with used and free space. Both Sector and Cluster info and disk label viewing are also included. Created with VX-Rexx ver. 2.0 patch level B. VROBJ.DLL reqired but not include 1559 11-11-93 DOS SoundBlaster utility for OS/2 2.1 3072 01-20-94 OS/2 manipulate screen colors easily 164305 03-14-91 PD ATM Type 1 Fonts 16015 08-12-94 System shutdown program version 1.6 ...This program will let you shutdown immediately, at a pre-specified time, or at a specified date and time. It also contains a reboot option. 11041 09-23-92 Shut OS/2 down from the command prompt.
size.arc 1920 05-24-90 OS/2 PM Re-Size Maximized Windows 158116 12-31-90 PM Shychart . Very nicely done. ...OS/2 PM Skychart ver 1.60.004 from Holland. Not a game, but an interesting PM app. Also has a great icon! 42431 05-22-91 ATM Type 1 font for OS/2 382581 08-04-94 demo of SpaceMap- manage usage on disk ..."Powerful utility which gives you the power to actually manage space usage on your disk drivers. It lets you quickly and easily see exactly how much space is being used by each directory and file. 32bit PM app with extensive multi-threading." 101706 04-02-94 Control Panel edits OS/2 startup setup
snapdump.exe 180450 02-17-92 Tools for prob deter in OS/2 enviorn. ...SNAPDUMP is a set of tools assisting with problem determination in an OS/2 enviornment. You may also want to download the SNAPDUMP.DOC file for documentation on Snapdump. 305360 03-03-94 IBM SnapDump/2 for OS/2 prob. determin. ...These tools are for software defect support for OS/2 product. They provide the ability to easily capture a wide variety of data and data types into a single file and display this data in a formatted, user friendly fashion. This SD/2 DAT file is set to capture for LAN srvr. An administrator should be logged on. 21844 01-25-91 PD ATM Type 1 font 'Saint Francis' ...Another PD ATM compatible font 'Saint Francis' 39936 01-26-94 Fast text virtual sort for OS/2(free) 49378 03-15-91 PD ATM Type 1 font ...Another Type 1 PD font. Souvenir is a bold semi-Italic font. Not bad. 3124 09-25-92 OS/2 speed up your keyboard, all modes! 499647 10-26-95 Screen Saver version 2.4 551 07-19-91 REXX proc/example to make a PM CMD.EXE ...Stupid little REXX proc makes a PM-based CMD.EXE. Shows how PMREXX is used to load a REXX proceedure (in this case SuperCMD.CMD). SuperCMD.CMD just starts the OS/2 command processor CMD.EXE under the PMREXX interface. Why bother? One ng is PMREXX allows full cut and paste of OS/2 commands/output... 131346 01-15-96 Virtual Diskette for OS/2 2.1+ v1.17 4383 03-20-94 OS/2 VDISK that uses swapable memory 19429 08-02-91 PM Syscolor sets/saves/restores prefs ...Dave Lesters' shareware utility to set system color preferences. Syscolor allows a greater control over color mixing and easier previewing than the Control Panel, in addition to saving and restoring the selected color scheme. dated 7/91 697991 04-25-94 Schedule wps program objects to run ...Tasker 1.0 is a program that allows you to schedule a wps program object to run on repeatable interval of time. It logs when objects were started and stopped. It has a log viewer, exception dates, exception days. There is a help file in an .inf format. Have fun!!!! You must unzip the file with the -d parameter. 27880 05-21-91 PM Trashcan v1.03. Drag & Drop delete ...PM Trashcan allows a drag-and-drop with the right mouse button from File Manager for file(s) deletion. A number of options are settable including delete confirmations and FM refresh. Give your desktop a place to put all that trash - for ex-Macintosh users only! 39410 07-19-91 PM Trashcan v2.0. Allows retrieval! ...Trashcan is a GREAT utility! Seriously, one of the best I've seen for OS/2 PM. It allows drag-and-drop 'trashing' of files. Just drag the file (e.g. from File Manager) and drop it on the iconized trashcan. If you later change your mind, you can rummage around in the can and retrieve the file - even in a HPFS 112159 08-10-90 OS/2 Tech-Edit for OS/2 and DOS v2.5 ...OS/2 char-based editor with many nice features. Can edit 32mb files, multiple screens/windows, UNDO last 1000 text changes, redefine keyboard, macros, pick-list file and buffer selection, bookmarks, shell, ASCII extended chars, auto indent, small, fast Shareware with source available. ZIP has both OS/2 & DOS version 93767 12-29-93 Technical Editor for OS/2 ver 2.65 6144 02-19-94 Small util to kill off process by PID 97152 09-04-91 OS/2 PM Tools v1.2 .INF of OS/2 tools ...This is an .INF file of OS/2 programming, application development and other tools (plus a lot of other stuff). You must use OS/2 PM View to see the file. Source is available see TIPF.ZIP. The source file is a valuable educational tool for wouldbe .INF producers and shows the markups and tr 25974 03-13-96 PM Alarm/Event program OS/2 2.0+ 56192 09-04-91 OS/2 PM Sourcefile for TINF.ZIP...This is the ASCII sourcefile for TOOLS.INF available here as TINF.ZIP. It compiles with the IPF compiler IPFC.EXE using the undocumented /INF switch: ipfc /inf tools.ipf will create a TOOLS.INF of your own. This is good for learning/seeing some of the techniques used to make .INF files.
tips.exe 200532 07-12-91 Various OS/2 Tips - Provided By IBM ...This file contains the file TIPS.INF (Tips on using and installing OS/2). This file is intended to be used with OS/2 (Ver. 1.2 or later). Use the VIEW.EXE program with this file. 26953 05-22-91 A "MAC'n TRASHcan" for OS/2 PM. ...A "Trashcan" utility for OS/2 PM that supports the "Drag'n Drop" of OS/2 1.2 or later. Support any application that uses the "Drag'n Drop" feature. Support for HPFS long file names. Uses antimated icon when items are dropped. 31408 12-22-92 Recreates OS/2 Icons and Folders...... ...REXX Utility used to recreate the Welcome Folder, the Toolkit, the Extended Services Folder, the Lan Services Folder, the Communications Manager, and any OS/2 Icon that came with the original OS/2 Package. 47104 01-26-94 OS/2 Undelete alternative (crippled!)
unz512x2.exe 176000 10-27-94 Info-ZIP's UNZIP v5.12 32bit OS/2
unz51x2.exe 146669 02-22-94 update of OS/2 32bit version of UNZIP 8195 05-24-90 OS/2 Full Screen Utility That Returns V
vfont1.arc 9984 05-24-90 OS/2 Full Screen Font Changer
vol8n11.arc 25856 05-25-90 PCMAG files with OS/2 Color Utility 397194 06-12-95 Needed to run VX-Rexx programs. 1739178 02-08-95 Warp install from CD with 5.25" A: ...This zip file contains two 5.25" diskette images. 1665191 02-08-95 Warp install from 3.5" B: with 5.25" A: ...This zip file contains two 5.25" diskette images. 661453 01-15-96 Recover from system hangs OS/2 2.x 3.x 3546 07-31-93 OS/2 2.1 Recreate Preinst. Essentials 221743 03-15-95 Aptiva OS/2 Warp FullPack Update Disk
wh.arc 7168 05-24-90 OS/2 Where Is
whereis2.arc 17408 05-24-90 OS/2 Quick File Finder - .exe">File Only 21504 02-14-94 Modify numlock/sound(OS/2) ANNOYWARE!! 21715 12-07-93 Convert Win 3.0/3.1 icons to OS/2 2.x 15390 05-24-90 Lock Your Workstation for OS/2 Lan Serv 47331 03-14-91 Word/PM repl .DLL from MS for SE1.3 ...Contains PMWORDU.DLL which contains a fix for the control key problem encountered by some when using Word/PM and OS/2 SE 1.3. Do not erase your old PMWORDU.DLL as you will need that if you install EE 1.3 or receive a later CSD from IBM that fixes the lem in SE 1.3. THIS IS NOT FOR EE 1.3 41028 04-12-94 a replacement wpclass for wp programs 27648 01-26-94 Cmd Line desktop backup/restore 87984 01-20-94 latest version of WPS backup utilities 325074 06-26-95 New version of WPS backup - Warp Comptbl 69105 09-21-93 Latest update of WPS icons. 145874 03-06-93 Desktop backup utilities
x-os2-17.exe 79360 03-21-91 An unARC/unZIP/unLZH utility for OS/2 13721 12-04-90 Xchange v1.03 ARC/ZIP/PAK/ZOO/LZH convt ...Xchange v1.03 converts to/from ARC/PAK/ZIP/LZH/ZOO compressed files. Since it's .CFG is a simple ASCII file, future protocols are possible too. You can specify which files to search for, and the utility name and syntax to perform the unpacking/packing operation. dtd 3/88 20072 06-23-95 One Button click to Close any PM window 95845 02-02-96 Title bar enhancements for OS/2 Warp 70016 08-23-90 OS/2 file manager like FileCommand. ...Xlist is a file manager for OS/2 char mode that is similar to FLIST and IBM FileCommand. This version needs further work, but is functional. Edit the .PRO file to set up your own accellerated keystorkes. ver 2.32 dtd 8-10-90.
xviewpkg.exe 293983 10-06-97 XVIEWPKG file viewer for Windows users
xviewpkg.txt 3656 10-06-97 Readme for XVIEWPKG.EXE 56320 01-26-94 CMD.EXE addon for Unixesque features 119552 10-27-94 Info-ZIP's ZIP v2.01 32bit OS/2 513285 02-02-96 Easy OS/2 PM 'point/click' Zip front end 7168 02-11-93 Zip converter 1.10 to 2.04e 79500 01-16-91 OS/2 front-end for .ZIPs. non-PM. ...ZShell is a front-end for viewing, browsing, and extracting the contents of .ZIPped files. Works very well. Can be setup to be the default app for ZIPs if you associate it with *.ZIP. I now use it all the time. Runs in a PM window.

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