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Employee Written Software for OS/2 ( 95388 11-17-95 OS/2 2.X Memory Usage Display Tool 795717 03-18-96 Code Browser & Analysis Tool ...ALPHA provides basic browse functions and will also draw branch flow lines, display the program call structure, highlight key words, and expand the procedure function call in a secondsary window. Works with 370 & 386 Assembly, Pascal, PL/AS, 'C', FORTRAN, etc. 105472 04-09-93 APPC Echo Test written in CPI-C. 89437 04-09-93 APPC Remote Command Execution 89585 04-09-93 APPC Tell program - Sends a message 14642 03-24-93 A graphical display of APPN resources 23825 08-04-93 Convert binary to high level structures ...The BIN2SRC utilities binary data files to equivalent high level language structures that can be included directly into source code for C, MASM, or the RC compiler. 28639 08-28-92 Create an OS/2 boot dsk on flppy or hd. 48529 04-06-95 Util to build a bootable 2.x or 3.x disk 99264 09-08-95 Build Bootable OS/2 2.x/3.0 sys v7.0 55391 04-09-93 C language formatter for Bookmaster ...cBook reads C source files and produces output suitable for Bookmaster 1.3 (Bookmaster is an IBM mainframe (CMS and MVS) document formatting system). 58240 05-11-95 Compact disc digital audio explorer 9074 06-19-95 Program to test CD drive throughput 30907 10-28-93 Simple Digital Clock for OS/2 2.X 32961 10-28-93 TCP/IP Clipboard Server for OS/2 2.X 41120 08-09-93 Program that reports the pixel colors ...COLORPT is a PM program that will report the name and value of the color pel (pixel) that is currently under the mouse pointer. 58705 03-24-93 C language formatter for PostScript ...This program reads 'C' source files and produces output suitable for Postscript printers and interpreters. 150457 08-09-93 A customized version of EPM. ...CUSTEPM adds an actions menu to EPM in a way that makes it easy for users to incorporate into their own EPM setup. It is a customized version of EPM that users who don't want to recompile the macros can use directly. 31971 09-01-92 Database Mgr Remote Password Admin tool 50847 08-21-92 Monitors SWAPPER.DAT and bytes left 31932 09-08-95 Displays LAN info about attached LAN 29496 05-28-96 Scan removable media before shutdown 37793 03-18-96 DVORAK Keyboard Remapper for OS/2 20686 10-06-92 Modify OS/2 2.0 Profiles (ini) V1.05 158070 04-08-93 OS/2 Entry Level 3270 Emulation Program 14927 05-04-93 Demo of OS/2 animation using icons
ewscat.txt 85292 09-09-96 List of IBM Employee Written Software 424896 04-06-95 A PM Calendar program 45989 08-09-93 Extend functions of OS/2 desktop object 45894 11-11-93 Maps OS/2 v2, v1, Win & DOS EXE headers 81440 06-09-95 File Phoenix: Checks&Executes recovery 155831 04-05-96 File Manager for OS/2 54154 04-05-96 Fileview OS/2 107945 04-06-95 Creates subsections within a folder 126524 03-30-94 PM Client for Internet Gopher protocol 328992 09-08-95 32bit Gopher/WWW Server for OS/2 v2.40 26874 09-01-92 Hexdump, BIN2HEX, & HEX2BIN program 27171 07-17-92 Expands capabilities of IPF compiler 895927 09-03-96 Allow Hotkeys: Sessions, Lockup, Shutdn 38706 08-06-93 Monitors PS/2 L40SX battery conditions 38854 08-06-93 L40SX temperature indicator program 30012 09-09-96 Get Launchpad or Tasklist via pointer 26171 04-09-93 Diskette image prg LOADDSKF & SAVEDSKF 438890 09-08-95 Prnt AFP docs on prsnl lasr prntr v2.5a 849195 04-12-93 Fonts for LP3820 HP-PCL, 4019PPDS modes 10231 08-04-93 Change text of LT Window in CM LT sess. ...The LTRENAME utility allows you to change Title Text of both the LT Window and the window list for a give CM owned LT session to something other than "HOST - X - 3270 Emulator".
m76pmo.exe 107680 06-14-94 Display Power Mgt for 9576i/s & 9577i/s 63698 08-04-93 Virtual Desktop Overviewer for PM Wins ...Megadisk is a virtual desktop overview which allows you to expand the area for your PM windows, creating many "rooms" in which to group running PM applications. 311069 05-07-96 New Language. Java+REXX 44720 05-11-95 Graphical File Comparison 85943 07-12-93 CID Utility - PC3270 v3.0 for Win-OS2 155173 02-15-93 PM Camera, an OS/2 PM Screen Grabber 87409 03-23-93 An Async Terminal Emulator for OS/2 113229 06-18-93 PMGlobe -- An OS/2 PM World Globe 36804 09-10-92 PRINTF F(X) for OS/2 & PM Apps 113421 08-18-92 Graphical display of PM windows 4774 11-10-92 Allows you to print text on PS printer 149595 02-16-93 PM source level debugger for REXX 32434 08-05-93 Basic math functions for OS/2 REXX 53932 08-17-93 Rexx pkg for TCP/IP sockets for OS2 2.0 21392 04-13-93 Config.sys utility for OS/2 2.0 96480 10-13-95 utility to Start VDM's in OS/2 85596 04-05-96 Subdirectory Tree manager Plus for OS/2 1578122 09-02-93 IBM Time & Place/2 Demonstration disks ...This file contains the DOS and Windows based demonstrations of IBM Time & Place/2. The DOS demo is an animated presentation while the Windows version is a single user working copy. 71943 08-11-92 A powerful Tiny OS/2 and DOS editor. ...A powerful Tiny editor, fast, configurable, and easy to use. 43040 10-13-95 A non-GUI, Text Based Shell for OS/2 127666 10-25-93 LAN Server 2.0 & 3.0 tuning utility 421372 03-24-95 Toronto Virtual File System for OS/2 ...The Toronto Virtual File System (TVFS) is an OS/2 installable file system that combines VM and UNIX file system concepts. The specific VM file system concept employed is the "CMS search path". The specific UNIX file system concept employed is the "symbolic link". 57625 10-25-93 Prints text to printer in PS mode. ...TEXTORPS.exe">is a program that will permit the user to leave the printer in PostScript mode and still print text sent to the printer spooler by applications that are not PostScript aware. 414733 06-16-94 Video Poker for OS/2 2.1 202532 05-03-93 OS/2 Rexx programs with sockets
wpsfwin.pkg 1117 12-14-95 Workplace Shell for Win 3.1 - Package 650473 12-14-95 Workplace Shell for Win 3.1
wpshell.txt 7565 12-14-95 Workplace Shell for Win 3.1 - Inst. Info

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