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autofax.txt 2532 10-06-94 Instructions for Automated Fax system 64694 05-24-90 OS/2 Bulletin Board Program 4 Sessions 221544 09-17-92 Beta version 0.04, Bubba Software 107483 05-24-90 OS/2 Kermit Communications Program 313628 01-29-91 OS/2 PM Kermit file xfer program source ...This file is the source code for CKPM5X_E.ZIP an OS/2 PM app for Kermit file xfer. 115712 01-21-94 OS/2 comm info, hints, tips, config 67565 02-05-93 Updated COMMPAK2.DLL for TE/2 1216 09-04-91 Pmcomm REXX script to capture CIS mail. 2096 03-03-94 Upgrades Softmodems w/o shelling to DOS 15570 05-04-94 REXX--binkley style mail tosser 216503 08-06-94 KWQ vs 1.2f OS/2 Offline Mail Reader 104448 05-21-91 Logicomm OS/2 Communication Software 913364 02-05-94 Version 2.34 of LoraBBS/2 ...Integrated Fidonet Mailer/BBS package that is not only Full of features, it is also a "Breeze" to Set-Up. 385608 02-05-94 LoraBBS/2 update from ver. 2.34 to 2.35 397090 06-03-93 LiveWire full featured OS/2 comm. pkg 257606 12-28-93 LiveWire comm program for OS/2 2.x ...LiveWire is a 32bit threaded text based comm program for OS/2 2.x It has a Rexx based script language and internal transfer protocols and provision to use external protocols. It has key ememulations for several popular DOS comm programs and will also read their dialing directories. 371507 06-29-94 LiveWire vers 2.2 an OS/2 comm program ...This is version 2.2 of LiveWire a text mode OS/2 comm program that supports Zmodem, REXX scripts, external transfer protocols and several terminal emulations including VT102, OS2You, ANSI, and TTY. 1812848 06-25-96 LiveWire OS/2 Communications..PM 409374 06-25-96 LiveWire OS/2 Communications..TEXT 55296 05-24-90 OS/2 External Zmodem Protocol ala DSZ 35417 05-24-90 OS/2 Zmodem External Program (Like DSZ) 74123 05-24-90 OS/2 Comm Pkg Like DSZ. Zmodem, Host, S 77215 08-14-90 OS/2 (text) ZModem External Protocol 854051 12-06-91 "Magnum BBS"(r) Demo version (OS/2) ..."Magnum BBS"(r) DEMO version (restricted to one dialup line + console, 128 users, messages, files) for all OS/2 versions 1.2x, 1.3x, and 2.0. 1123328 09-21-93 Functional DEMO of Magnum OS/2 BBS ...This is a 2-node (1 dialup + console) DEMO version of Magnum BBS for OS/2. Restricted to 128 users, 128 msgs, 128 files. Also demonstrates LAN logon via optional pipe modules (included w/ demo). Very fast, very powerful, FEATURE-PACKED!! Find out why this is rapidly becoming the #1 corporate choice! OUTSTANDING!! 80896 05-24-90 OS/2 Communications Program. Supports Z 84927 09-23-92 MagCom Telecomm pgm v2.20 X,Y,Zmodem 84992 09-21-93 MagCom v2.3 Terminal Pgm for OS/2 117760 09-23-92 GERMAN version of MAGCOM22.ZIP 13523 12-06-91 Features, Capab, Reqs for MAGNUM BBS(r) ...Description of Features, Capabilities, Requirements for "Magnum BBS"(r) software for OS/2. 15360 07-01-92 Text file for Magnum BBS 17408 09-21-93 Describes features,etc: Magnum OS/2 BBS 131840 08-02-91 Mailer for Simplex BBS 92370 04-29-94 A PM FILES.BBS processor for Maximus 174851 04-08-93 MR/2 1.41 - A QWK Mail Reader for OS/2 21796 05-24-90 OS/2 Terminal Program With Source Code1 426659 08-24-94 Demo of Pmcomm version 2.20. 30720 03-06-91 POWER RJE message system for Magnum BBS 34816 03-06-91 POWER message editor for MAGNUM callers 47313 01-25-94 HyperProtocol file protocol. FAST!! 58624 02-07-92 Beta of PM prog for offline reading ...Smalltalk beta program to allow offline reading and replies for this BBS. A future version will offer QuickMail compatability. If you do not already have the Smalltalk runtime, be sure and download READPM2.ZIP 637056 02-07-92 Smalltalk runtime for READPM1.ZIP 418560 08-02-91 Simplex BBS V1.04. Simple OS/2 BBS 52864 08-02-91 Documentation for Simplex V. 1.04 BBS 40960 02-02-94 Getting started with TCP/IP (Internet) 311044 02-18-93 TE2 version 1.20 communications prog 511792 07-16-93 TE/2 1.23 full feature OS/2 comm. prg. 703056 06-19-96 TE/2 v1.32. Text bases OS/2 Comm Progm 6213 07-13-94 BBS (OS/2) access door to Internet 641065 07-21-93 VBBS-OS/2 multi-node BBS program 1 of 3 ...FidoNet OS/2 interface 4 nodes plus local chat room, file upload scan/reject. 260863 07-21-93 VBBS OS/2 multi-node BBS file 2 of 3 331778 07-21-93 VBBS OS/2 BBS program file 3 of 3 ... 251409 05-24-90 OS/2 PM Kermit. Not Fully Implimente 64269 05-24-90 Documentation on Ymodem and Zmodem Tran 604498 04-30-96 New version of ZOC..OS/2 Comm App v2.14

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