IBM PS2 16X Series Error Codes: 162, 163,165

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Anthony Olszewski

These errors signify that the machine did not recognize its configuration on powering-up.

If you have installed any new equipment (or REMOVED any devices) you will certainly have to run the REFERENCE or STARTUP disk for your particular model. The ISA PS2s (models 25, 30, and 30/286) use a STARTUP disk. The MCA systems (50 on up) use a REFERENCE disk. If you don't have this disk, a compressed file can be obtained from the IBM Web Site Files Download area.

A complete listing of the IBM REFERENCE and STARTUP disks for PS2 (complete with Links) is provided in the table at the end of this document.

Files with exe or com extensions are self-extracting.

IBM sometimes archives its files with dsk or tg0 extensions. These files are restored using the bluespecific programs LOADDSKF.EXE, for the dsk files, and TGCONFIG.EXE, for the tg0 files. Just to complicate matters one step further, you obtain LOADDSKF.EXE by downloading a self-expanding program, LDF.COM, from the IBM site. In the same manner, to get TGCONFIG.EXE, you need to download TGSFX.COM -- also called teleget.

Follow this path. You download LDF.COM for dsk files or TGSFX.COM for tg0 files, the STARTUP, and any OPTION files that you might need. You run LDF.COM to yield LOADDSKF.EXE. You then run LOADDSKF filename.dsk to finally get your REFERENCE or STARTUP disk. With the tg0 files, you'll run TGSFX.COM to derive TGCONFIG.EXE. You then execute TGCONFIG filename.tg0.Most of the OPTION files, just to be cantankerous, are self-expanding, producing a number of ADF files. The REFERENCE or STARTUP disk is used with the ADF to define optional devices.

You may also need an additional configuration disk from the manufacturer of the MCA, but non-IBM, hardware options. The MICROCHANNEL ENTHUSIAST's PAGE has a great library of ADF files.

If no hardware changes have recently been made, turn the system back off. Make sure that any cables or power cords to external hardware (5.25" disk drives, external hard drives, or other external storage) are properly connected. Turn your system back on. If you are still getting the 160 series error codes you will have to boot from the STARTUPor REFERENCE disk for your PS2. Run AUTOMATIC CONFIGURATION. You may also have to run SET TIME AND DATE from the STARTUP disk menu.

If after the machine has been off for a half and hour or so and you again get the 160 series error, hit F1 to try to boot. If the machine fails to boot, the hard drive might have become unrecognizable from a virus, other source of file corruption, or hardware failure. Address the software issues first. Try booting from a regular boot floppy.

If the hard drive fails to boot and/or simply goes to BASIC, then read NO ROM BASIC.

If the system fails to boot from the original reference disk again see if the system will boot from a known good boot disk. If it does, then your reference disk is defective. Follow the directions above and make another copy. If the system will not boot from a known good boot disk, then the floppy drive is the trouble. Try a cleaning disk on the drive. A cleaning disk is available from any large computer or office supply. Cleaning disks work just like cassette or VCR head cleaners. If cleaning does not help, then the drive itself probably needs to be replaced. PS2 floppy drives are system-specific (non-standard) and very expensive to buy new. In most cases, it's only worth replacing them if you can find one on the cheap at a computer show, USENET, or, best of all, on a scrapped system in the garbage!

CMOS Battery In A PS2 Model 50. Be Careful With The Plastic Clips. It's Easy To Break Them!
Quite possibly the internal battery needs to be replaced. This is located in a holder on the side of the case, above and away from the motherboard (in all models except the 55SX). Tension is maintained on the battery by a plastic clip. TREAT THIS CLIP GENTLY. YOU'RE SCREWED IF YOU BREAK IT! Make sure that the power is off when you remove the dead battery.

After replacing the battery, you will have to run the IBM STARTUP or REFERENCE disk and any special option configuration disks.

For the 55SX the battery is contained in a large IC (manufactured by DALLAS) that is inserted into the motherboard. With the power off, and yourself grounded, carefully pry out the old chip from its socket and insert the replacement.

Sometimes, since the CMOS is intergrated with the battery in this model, it is necessary to clear the CMOS before the STARTUP program can properly configure the system. To erase all the values from the CMOS use the DOS DEBUG routine. From the DEBUG prompt type in the following series of commands:
o-70-13 (enter)
q (enter)
This will clear the CMOS. Turn off the machine and now boot from the REFERENCE disk.

Some PS2s (all model 60s, in my experience) are just absent minded and tend to lose their configuration for no discernible reason. Just keep the STARTUP disk handy. Peter Wendt suggests that this problem in the PS2 60 and the model 80 is due to the power supply becoming congested with dust. He says that blowing the power supply out with air will solve the problem. He also advises that this procedure will produce a large cloud of dust!

The REFERENCE disk for the PS2 8533 (a 386SX notebook) is called 8533r12m.exe or 8533r16m.exe, depending on the clock speed.

Hint: Most of the REFERENCE files start with the letters rf.

Many more files can be found at The IBM FTP Mirror Of The PCC BBC

Warning! If you're too lazy to look up the files that you need, DO NOT ask me to do it for you -- unless it's part of a (lucrative) offer of full-time employment!

For PS2 Systems
Reference & Adapter Diskettes (

70_flash.exe 71700 09-12-94 Mod 70 Planar Upgrade - BIOS v 1.18.02
160mslct.exe136456 03-06-91 PS/2 160MB SCSI fixed restoration dsk
25-286ad.exe 241630 08-04-95 PS/2 Model 25-286 Advanded Diags V 1.0
253540dg.exe 292630 10-18-93 PS/2 Adv Diag 25,35,40 disk ver 1.20
25start.tg0 289990 07-21-93 IBM PS/2 MOD 25 starter diskette v1.0
25sxstr.exe 293588 05-06-92 Adv Diag for 25, 35, 40 v1.3
30start.exe 311255 07-02-96 PS/2 model 30 starter disk
3540st.exe 293656 12-04-93 Models 35 & 40 starter disk ver. 1.03
3_3boot.exe 126208 08-24-95 DOS 3.3 Boot disk with maint. files
40sxdiag.tg0 282344 07-09-91 Advanced Diag v1.02 for 40SX 1316800 07-24-96 Sound Disk 2of2 for 4x Stereo PCMCIA CD
5-25boot.exe 151819 08-24-95 DOS 3.3 BOOT DISK W/ MAINT. FILES
5140star.exe 31178 07-14-94 5140 PCC Starter Disk w/APP Selector
55ls65rf.exe 461821 01-02-92 55ls & 65 Reference Diskette
56patch.exe 18038 10-18-94 56 LS patch for 169 errors.
7677_201.exe 1049563 07-15-94 76/77 I&S OS/2 2.0 Video Driver Disk 1
7677_202.exe 752888 07-15-94 76/77 I&S OS/2 2.0 Video Driver Disk 2
7677_211.exe 1235512 02-13-95 7677 I&S OS/2 2.11 S3 Graphics Disk 1.1
7677diag.exe 390712 10-18-95 G7GT55A 76/77 I&S Diagnostic disk v3.11
7677dosd.exe 727016 12-06-94 76/77 I&S DOS/Win S3 Graphics Disk v1.2
7677flsh.exe 225495 03-12-96 76/77 I&S Flash Update Disk Revision 7 G7GT59A
7677ref.exe 774689 10-19-95 76/77 I&S Reference Disk v3.10
7677scsi.exe 515335 07-02-96 Future Domain SCSI-2 Option Disk v1.00
7677wnet.exe 707331 10-20-94 76/77 S3 Windows drvrs for Novell Ntwks
8516enh.exe 438010 08-20-97 Touch Screen Drivers for 8516 Monitors using Windows 3.1 and OS/2
953540st.exe 405829 03-01-94 9535/9540 Starter Disk version 1.00
adv25dia.exe 140884 04-18-91 PS/2 Model 25 Advanced Diag ver 1.00
adv30286.exe 193226 07-02-96 Advanced Diags for Mod-30 & Mod-25 286s
adv30dig.exe 142180 08-20-92 Advanced diag for Model/30 8086
atdg207.exe 148558 02-07-97 Adv Diag PC/AT & XT-286 v.2.07 360K
atdg207.tg0 131074 11-10-94 Adv Diags Disk PC/AT & XT-286 v.2.07
blc_util.exe 27438 01-27-95 70/80 Blue-Lightning proc u/g util disk
bopt103.exe 376224 03-26-93 enable all enhanced memory - see 5 line ...The files contained allow users with AT LEAST ONE Enhanced Memory Adapter with ROM installed to enable all memory contained on all installed Enhanced Memory Adapters. This included systems that hBOPT103.LAB label for IBM label prg.for BOPT103.EXE
bopt103.txt 397 03-25-93 Text file for BOPT103.EXE 1010375 06-18-96 MWAVE for OS/2 Disk 1 of 2 for 25H2749 230364 06-18-96 MWAVE for OS/2 Disk 2 of 2 for 25H2749 1212865 06-18-96 MWAVE for Win3.1x Disk 1of6 for 25H2749 1339530 06-18-96 MWAVE for Win3.1x Disk 2of6 for 25H2749 1335967 06-18-96 MWAVE for Win3.1x Disk 3of6 for 25H2749 1272865 06-18-96 MWAVE for Win3.1x Disk 4of6 for 25H2749 1339659 06-18-96 MWAVE for Win3.1x Disk 5of6 for 25H2749 369270 06-18-96 MWAVE for Win3.1x Disk 6of6 for 25H2749
ether32a.exe 303949 03-30-93 32bit 3Connect Ether/A Opt Disk v1.00
g7jt60a.exe 225221 08-18-97 PS/2 - Model 76/77 Bios revision level 8 build 60A
interfac.exe 207422 04-11-94 Interface code for 8514/A 1.02
irlan.exe 473495 09-07-94 IR Lan version 2.10 replacement disk
kelrec.exe 840280 08-24-95 Kelso Recovery Diskette
m5060pu.exe 215084 02-25-94 50/60 Microelectronics PU opt. diskette
mod30286.exe 458650 07-02-96 Mod 30-286 Starter diskette v 1.02
n51ref.exe 616270 07-29-93 PS/2 model for N51 v1.10
nt128.exe 667148 08-20-97 Touch Screen Monitor Driver for Models 654x ONLY for Windows NT 3.51/4.0
nt128.txt 7797 08-20-97 Readme file for NT128.exe
opt3514.exe 369863 04-14-93 3514 Startable Option Diskette v1.15
opt4a.exe 351832 03-12-93 Option dsk for 4/A w/updted diag
os2_30.exe 700605 08-20-97 Touch Screen Monitor Drivers for Models 654X ONLY for OS/2 Warp 3.0 and 4.0 version 3.0A
os2_30.txt 10237 08-20-97 Readme file for OS2_30.EXE
os2dpmv.exe 130051 06-01-94 OS/2 Display Power Management Drivers
os2power.exe 184965 10-04-94 XGA Power mgnt. drivers for OS/2
p70-386r.exe 483171 04-22-9 4 P70-386 Reference disk 6709 04-02-93 Per Page Ptr Adp/A Opt Dsk V.1.10
pc_net.exe 115857 07-02-96 PC Network Diagnostics V.2.0
pccadv11.exe 102472 12-02-91 PC Convertible Advance Diag ver 1.11
powrscsi.exe 323562 07-02-96 Future Domain PowerSCSI Util Disk v1.00
powscsi4.exe 751872 03-24-97 Future Domain Power SCSI Util. Disk v4.1
ps1diag1.exe 151584 07-02-96 PS/1 Diagnostics Diskette
ps1diag2.exe 159556 09-17-92 PS/1 Type 2121 Advanced Diagnostics
ps1diag3.exe 293224 09-17-92 PS/1 Type 2123 Advanced Diagnostics
ps1diag4.exe 135247 10-20-92 PS/1 Type 1 2133/2155 Advanced Diags.
ps2estrt.exe 457749 04-11-95 9533E Starter Diskette v1.0
ps2eutil.exe 437208 04-23-96 9533E utilities disk version 1.0
rd7677a.exe 335394 04-08-94 Adv Diags. for 9576/9577 Ver 1.10
rd855657.exe 308552 02-14-95 Diagnostic Disk for 8556/8557 v2.04
rd9553a.exe324726 11-24-93 Diagnostics for 9553 v1.00
rd955657.exe 332850 07-02-96 Diagnostic Disk for 9556/9557 v2.04
rf5060a.exe 418375 07-01-96 PS2 50/50Z/60 ref disk, v 1.08
rf5565a.exe 461821 07-02-96 PS/2 Model 55/65 Ref Disk ver 1.05
rf70486a.exe 441168 04-23-92 PS/2 Model 70-486 Reference Disk v1.06
rf7080a.exe 450404 07-01-96 Model 8570/8580 Reference Disk ver 1.12
rf70plan.exe 632877 07-02-96 Model 70 Planar Ref DIsk
rf7677a.exe 647418 07-02-96 Ref. Diskette for Mod. 76 & 77 Ver 1.10
rf855657.exe 537776 07-02-96 Reference Disk for 8556/8557 v2.10
rf90386a.exe 515172 03-01-93 PS/2 MOD 90XP/386 ref diskette
rf9553a.exe 529771 11-25-93 Reference disk for 9553 V1.10
rf955657.exe 579652 07-02-96 Reference Disk for 9556/9557 v1.10
rfp70a.exe 483171 04-24-92 Ref Disk for a P70
rfp75a.exe 525532 07-02-96 PS/2 Mod P75 486 Ref. Disk - ver 1.00
rs25286a.tg0 500048 08-18-93 PS/2 Model 25-286 Starter disk - V1.00
s3-cid.cmd 29284 03-07-95 CMD file for LAcuna (S3928) CID Install
trbm.exe 314282 10-30-92 Token-Ring 16/4/A Busmaster Ref v. 1.02
utte131.exe 897512 11-15-94 PCMCIA Device Drivers for 9533
vpadv100.exe 144419 12-22-92 PS/VP Adv Diags-Mach Type 6384, V1.00 ...PS/ValuePoint Advanced Diagnostics - Machine Type 6384, Ver 1.00 For IBM Dealers and support personnel only. Not provided with ValuePoint machine shipments. (C)IBM Corp. 1981, 1992 405704 06-18-96 MWAVE for DOS Disk 1 of 2 for 25H2749 473273 06-18-96 MWAVE for DOS Disk 2 of 2 for 25H2749 193208 06-18-96 MWAVE for OS/2 v2.11 Disk 1of1 25H2749 127369 06-18-96 MWAVE for Warp Disk 1 of 1 for 25H2749
win30drv.exe 368198 05-07-93 XGA-2 drivers for Windows 3.0
winpower.exe 220234 10-13-95 DOS/ Windows 3.x DPMS drivers
xga210.exe 883754 11-15-93 XGA-2 Drivers Win 3.1 & Vesa v2.10
xga211.exe 877913 12-28-93 XGA/XGA2 DOS,WIN,ACAD, VESA DMQS v2.11
xga212.exe 960857 08-16-94 XGA/XGA2 Drv v2.12 DMQS/DOS/WIN311
xga2adp.exe 493919 04-22-94 Option Disk for XGA-2 Adapter v2.2
xgadoc.txt 118900 01-07-94 XGA/XGA-2 tech support supplemental
xgaopt.exe 493919 08-05-93 XGA/XGA2 Display Adapter Options Disk 28185 04-06-95 XGA Patch files for 9533 Starter Disk
xgautil.exe 67714 08-09-94 XGA/XGA2 Utilities (P70.exe& P75.EXE)
xtdgs225.dsk 12635007-01-91 Advanced Diags, PC, XT, & PPC ver 2.25
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