How to Reset Windows XP or Vista Passwords

Anthony Olszewski
GRAVE ROBBER Computer Repair

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Forgot the Windows XP or Vista password? Or maybe you never knew the password? There's hope!

Use the Links below to download a file to create a boot CD.

Boot from the CD and then run nt_pass. Use this program to reset the administrator password to a blank (no password). It's safer not to modify any of the user passwords. After you login as administrator, change the password for the user profile that you want to use.

Often, the real issue is that the password has expired or the limit for password tries has been exceeded. Nt_pass will reset these, too. Nt_pass also works with Vista, Windows 2000 (all versions), Windows Server 2003 and Windows NT.

For Vista, the Administrator account is by default not enabled. So, for a forgotten or unknown Vista password, you'll need to change the password on a user profile with Administrator rights.